We improved our wholesale webshop by removing the initial password protection, so that you can look around more easily. It is still necessary to register and get an account to see the prices and place orders.

All the existing accounts have been preserved, so you can still enter using the email address and password you chose. New customers can request an account, but they will have to wait that we enable it before they can access the site.

Your order then will be processed as a request: we will mail a proforma invoice with individually calculated shipping costs etc. You can still change your order afterwards.

Beside you see pictures of our booth at the maison & objet in Paris and below left some pictures of my last buying trip to India 2018.

In the next maison&objet (January 18-22, 2019) we are now located at:

hall 5a, R142

  • Maison & Objet o.k.-International


07.01.2019 new turkmenian blankets

04.01.2019 new pattern for the polish wallpaper roller

15.11.2018 chickens made of plastic bags from Southafrica

05.11.2018 trash masks from Southafrica