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enamel bowl, Ukraine


small, pic 2: ø 10 cm, height 6 cm; 0,35l; available in yellow, red, lightblue, teal (petrol/pers), creme, lightgreen and dark turquoise (not pictured);

medium, pic 3: ø 16 cm, height 5,5 cm; 0,6l; available in black, creme, teal (petrol/pers), darkgreen, dark turquoise, red, yellow, lightblue, lightgreen;

big, pic 2: ø 24 cm, height 8 cm, 2,5l; available in lightgreen, yellow, red, darkgreen, black, creme;

very big, pic 3: ø 28 cm, height 10 cm, 4l; available in lightgreen, darkgreen, yellow;

good ukrainian quality; new colours since may 2021; grassgreen and cremegreen is sold out.

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