1 box of recycled glasses, corrugated


small: ø 6 cm, height 8 cm, ca. 135 ml;
one boxes contains 144 pcs.;

medium: ø 6 cm, height 11 cm, ca. 160 ml;
one boxes contains 108 pcs.;

big/narrow: ø 7,0 cm, height 12 cm, ca. 200 ml;
one boxes contains 108 pcs.;

big/wide: ø 7,5 cm, height 12 cm, ca. 250 ml;
one boxes contains 72 pcs.;

recycled glass, so they are all a little bit different; intended for tea, but of course also nice for coffee, water etc.
Please be aware that there are always ca. 10% of the glasses broken, but the price is still nice!

The middle ones come in this yellow colour from the recycling process, in this box might even be more pcs. broken, therefore a good price!

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