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thermos flask 1,2l


ø 10 cm, height 33 cm; with handle and grip; made of metal sheet with glass vacuum inside; these flasks keep hot for more than 12 hours!

Instructions for use:
These thermos flasks are not really meant to be carried on the go, so please make sure to carry them carefully and upright if you take them outside, for the cork stopper is only put on, not vacuum sealed.
Said cork stopper lasts longest if you don't put it on the thermos when it is empty to make sure it dries through.

available versions:
2. pict:
- pink with branch,
- turquoise with branch,
- red with branch;
3. pict:
- pink with bird,
- turquoise with bird,
- red with bird;
4. pict:
- yellow with flowers,
- turquoise with flowers,
- red with flowers;
5. pict:
- green (with roses),
- creme (with butterfly),
- blue with flowers;
Buy a box of 12 pcs and get one of them free: without your special request we will send you one each of all 12 different versions.
Or feel free to order 12 pcs individually, we will charge then the set cheaper price then on our proforma!

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