kitchen stand, simple


61x76x26 cm (24x30x10 inches);

stainless steel, easy to hang on the wall;

this stand we offer ready build up from us, or original not build up, so you need to assemble yourself.

Assembly instruction:
1. check and clean all the elements and hammer them if they need some work...
2. then mount the 4 big frame elements. The 2 pcs. left and right has to have the holes for the wall-hanging at the back. On top are the small holes for the triangle to fix it strong (better tighten the screws only loose, not to strong first). The top pcs. has also the triangle holes on the top. The triangles fits best between the vertical and the horizontal elements. The bottom element has holes in the middle so that water can run out and the long holes for the cutlery in front. When the frame is ready you can tighten the screws strong but take care that you have a right triangle (more or less, it is never exact!!). You can also tighten all srews at the end...
3. fix the hooks and check all screws they are strongly fixed.

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